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Dad Stuff Archive


O' Baby, Baby...

Our pals at gadgetrepublic gave the heads up on a new application that expectant dads may be very interested in. There is no better way of maintaining and reinforcing a link with your Irish heritage than to give your baby the gift of an Irish name. Recently, there has been a wonderful resurgence in the use of unusual sounding Irish baby names, but

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The Piggyback Rider

Remember shoulder rides as a kid? You loved every minute, but wished it lasted longer, well now you can with The Piggyback Rider. The Piggyback Rider® was developed to take advantage of the natural instinct to carry a child on your back. The solid aluminum bar allows the child to stand up, which positions the center of mass over your hips. Now, you can walk

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A Novel Way to Read

A Novel Way to Get Kids Reading The GoBook Imagine is the next generation of eReaders. With a full colour touchscreen thats about the same size as a traditional paperback, its no wonder that kids prefer reading eBooks! Lets Get Reading GoBooks can be a helping hand to your ‘Read A Day’. The campaign aims to encourage parents and children to ensure that they have dedicated part

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The Legend Ends

Review: The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan’s second sequel to the sequence begun in 2005 with Batman Begins is finally here and we’re giving you our impressions from ahead of the release on Friday the 20th. For those looking for good news, I can’t legitimately report that The Dark Knight Rises is a bad film. With the repository of talent both in front of and behind

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BRAVE - The Movie

As the date approaches for a decision to be made on her suitor, young Princess Merida wants nothing more than to escape the confines of the castle and royal life to keep her freedom for just a little longer. Pixar’s latest outing will likely be remembered more for the creative scuffles during production and the fact that it marks the CG house’s first princess than

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Panasonic Lumix

In the increasingly competitive world of Smartphone Camera versus Compact Camera in terms of ease of use and portability, the Panasonic Lumix DCM-SZ1 is a super light-weight point and shoot which offers the novice photographer a serious step up from a smart camera while remaining simple to use without needing to know endless technical photography knowledge. The Panasonic Lumix DCM-SZ1 houses a 16.1 megapixel CCD

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In the not so distant future, a team of scientists discover an impossible link between ancient civilisations that sends them on an interstellar journey in pursuit of the origins of mankind. What they find may be the beginning of our extinction... In 1979, Ridley Scott took the seed sown by Star Wars two years before and used a blockbuster budget and cutting edge technology to

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Great design and specs at a budget price, with a few caveats... Newly rebranded Sony Mobile has rolled out another couplet of handsets, including the iPhone killer the Xperia P and the eminently pocketable Xperia U which we’re going to take a look at today. The Xperia U acts as a companion handset to the P and the Xperia S in some ways but also flies

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Will Ferrell

With his father’s ranch in trouble, a war with a drug lord looming and a lady to woo, Armando Alvarez sets out to get his father’s Casa in order. In Casa de mi Padre, Will Ferrell plays a Spanish dude. Did you laugh yet? If so, you’re going to have a fantastic time with the film. If not, this really isn’t for you. Your enjoyment of

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Four years and five features is long enough to be kept in suspense’s cruel clutches. So, I’ll cut to the quick...Joss Whedon’s The Avengers is spectacular. The film is witty, thrilling, gorgeous, stuffed with sensational set-pieces and, best of all, its sheer quality comes as a complete shock! You might even say it’s “Marvellous”, though the Humour-Police would lynch you for it... It’s possible my

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